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Annual Regional Conference of Judges on Environmental Security in Eastern Africa: Summary of presentations

"The environmental deterioration through human activity was proceeding at an unprecedented rate, and unless this process was held in check the damage caused would be grave and irreversible, hurting not only the present generation but future generat…

The Nature and Extent of Environmental Crimes in Seychelles

"The study consisted of a thorough analysis of the state of the environment and the extent of environmental crime in the country. In addition, the study examined the legal and institutional regime for combating environmental crime in Seychelles. F…

Nature and Extent of Environmental Crime in Sudan

"This report analyses the nature and extent of environmental crime in Sudan. It is based on a study commissioned by the Environmental Crimes Project (ECP) that is implemented jointly by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and the East African …

Enforcement of Environmental Crime Laws A Framework Training Manual for Law Enforcement Agencies

"This manual is intended for national trainers on environmental crime in Eastern and Southern Africa. It seeks to enable such trainers to equip police officers and other actors involved in fighting environmental crimes with knowledge and understand…

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