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Poverty and Changing Livelihoods of Migrant Maasai Pastoralists in Morogoro and Kilosa Districts, Tanzania

"The objective of this study was to analyse how the Maasai migrants have adapted themselves to the new ecological conditions and the impact of such adaptations on their livelihoods. Confronted with the loss of grazing land due to several geographica…

How to Understand and Interpret Global Climate Model Results

Climate modelling approaches projecting future changes to the Earth’s climate vary widely, generating different types of data set. These results are often displayed visually in a variety of formats, such as statistical graphs, maps and increasingly …

Population Dynamics, Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Kenya

"This report contributes to the understanding of links between population dynamics, climate change, and sustainable development in Kenya, a country that typifies the core population and climate change challenges highlighted above. The report analyz…

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