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Understanding of the Natural Resource Conflict Dynamics The Case of Tuareg in North Africa and the Sahel

"The paper highlights the process leading to the armed conflict of Tuareg and the role of different countries in the conflict. In particular, it examines the way three dramatic events have shaped the livelihoods of Tuareg: the reorganisation of soci…

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Forestry Governance in the DRC

This case study on forestry governance in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) forms part of a three-year project entitled Strengthening the Governance of Africa’s Natural Resources, conducted by the Governance of Africa’s Resources Programme (GAR…

Migration: A Critical Climate Change Resilience Strategy

Movement is a critical resilience strategy for communities and individuals faced with climate change. Most discussions about climate-linked migration focus on international movements; however, it is an overwhelmingly local phenomenon. Migration is a…

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