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Energy, Water and Climate Change in Southern Africa What are the Issues that Need Further Investment and Research?

"Southern Africa is a water-scarce region. Like other developing countries Southern African nations aspire to the living standards of industrialised countries. To achieve these standards more water and energy resources are needed to support econo...

The Developing Energy Landscape in South Africa: Technical Report

The global energy landscape has changed significantly in recent years and the transition to a decarbonised energy system is well underway. Transparent, flexible and integrated energy systems models are essential tools for providing credible evid...

An Assessment of New Coal Plants in South Africa’s Electricity Future: The cost, emissions and supply security implications of the coal IPP programme

South Africa’s coal base load independent power producer (IPP) procurement programme was launched in 2014, in line with the new coal capacity envisaged in the 2010 Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity (IRP2010) (DoE, 2011). Since the releas...

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