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Energy Policies for Sustainable Development in South Africa: Options for the Future

"Over the 25-year time frame considered here, energy efficiency makes the greatest impact when seen against indicators of sustainable development. Industrial efficiency, in particular, shows significant savings in energy and costs, with reductions i…

Energy Policies for Sustainable Development in South Africa

"As the 21st century begins, South Africa faces important challenges in its energy development path. On the one hand, the challenges of development are urgent. Basic services need to be provided to large parts of the population, notably black peopl…

Economics of Climate Change: Context and Concepts Related to Mitigation

"Climate change is increasingly seen as not only an environmental issue, but a deeply economic one. ‘Climate change presents a unique challenge for economics: it is the greatest and widest ranging market failure ever seen’. Markets are failing to pu…

Building Africa's Renewable Energy Future: Recommendations for a just Transition

To shed light on the course of African energy transition processes, this policy brief provides evidence from a comparative analysis of 34 African countries. We present a clear picture of promising policy frameworks and fruitful attempts to realise a…

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