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Services trade in Southern Africa a literature survey and overview

"While all services sectors are important, and deserve attention, this report focuses on core infrastructure services because they create an enabling environment in which other services develop and/or thrive. The tourism sector has been added becaus…

Top Five Reasons Why Africa Should Be a Priority for the United States

"With the dramatic changes that have taken place over the last decade, sub-Saharan Africa has become increasingly important to the rest of the world. In the past, relationships for many African countries were dominated by the former colonial powers…

Stranded Assets: The Nexus Between Extractives, Climate, & the Circular Economy within the African Extractives Sectors

As the world moves towards a low-carbon energy transition, the potential risk of stranded assets within the extractives sectors in Africa is increasingly a reality for many fossil fuel dependent countries. The 2015 Paris Agreement aims to limit glob…

COVID-19 Fiscal Policy Response and Climate Change Action in Africa

This paper analyses the fiscal policy measures adopted by African countries in response to COVID-19 and how these impact progress on their climate change actions of the countries. Specially, it analyses the climate friendliness of the immediate fisc…

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