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The Post-Apartheid Labour Market: 1995 -2004

"This paper’s chief objective is the analysis of some of the changes in the South African labour market in the post-apartheid era and the challenges the labour market presents in the successful attainment of shared growth. Section 2 looks at the lab…

SMMEs in South Africa: Understanding the Constraints on Growth and Performance

Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) have been identified as a key component to advancing inclusive growth and development in South Africa. This paper serves to present a snapshot of the current profile of SMMEs in South Africa as well as t…

An Overview of The South African Labour Market for the Year Ending 2017, Quarter 2

The South African working-age population has grown over the last 12-months, as has the labour force. While the number of jobs in the economy has increased, it was not sufficient to keep pace with the growing labour force and, as a result, unemploym…

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