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Growth vs Stability: Pointers for South Africa from Argentina and Chile

There is broad consensus on the outlines of the economic strategy South Africa should adopt, but dissenting voices have been raised. Some argue for a less conventional, more dynamic approach to economic growth. Part of the problem for emerging mar...

Saudi Arabia as an Emerging Market: Commercial Opportunities and Challenges for South Africa

Saudi Arabia is a country on the rise with its sights set on full integration into the global economy. Since the late 1990s, Saudi policymakers have made a concerted effort to reform the country’s economy, and to position it as an investment desti...

Emerging Commercial Rivalries in Africa: A View from South Africa

The growing importance of emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China on the global stage, and their interest in Africa’s resources, has real implications for Africa. This is particularly so for South Africa, a significant local inves...

The Commonwealth in the 21st Century

"The Commonwealth has a number of strengths, among them the very fact that its varied membership, commodities and trans-regional nature prevent it from becoming a vehicle for any narrow interest or fleetingly fashionable ideology. Nevertheless, a ...

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