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The Potential of Electric Vehicles to Contribute to South Africa’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets and other Developmental Objectives How Appropriate is the Investment in Electric Vehicles as a NAMA?

"Transport consumes 28% of final energy in South Africa, 97% of which is in liquid fuels, and subsequently contributes 13.1% of South Africa’s greenhouse gas(GHG)emissions. The sector is vital for economic development. As the demand for transport s…

Internalising Mitigation Activities into the Development Priorities and Approaches of Developing Countries Proceedings of the Forum on Development and Mitigation

This paper comprises several documents which was compiled for the Development and Mitigation Forum. A review of sustainable development assessment literature that could be applied to NAMAs discusses the theoretical considerations on sustainability …

Introducing Electric Vehicles to Southern Africa: A Systemic Innovation Approach Towards a Green New Deal

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are not typically seen as catalysts that may enable the large-scale transformation of national and regional economic and development trajectories. But the climate emergency, the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s disruptive impac…

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