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Election Talk [Zimbabwe]

This newsletter has 3 articles by different authors. Grant Masterson discusses the announcement of interim results and irregularities of the 2005 parliamentary elections. The final results were based on postal returns from all 120 constituencies. Ma…

Liberia: Time for Much-Delayed Reconciliation and Reform

"After a credible, though contentious, election, President Johnson Sirleaf is governing a still-divided country under a weak mandate. A fragile peace remains vulnerable to destabilisation by disputes over natural resources, a weak police force and …

Handbook on Kenya's Electoral Laws and Systems: Highlights of the Electoral Laws and System established by and under the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and other Statutes

"The Handbook on Kenya’s Electoral Laws and System provides timely and invaluable one-stop reference to the electoral reforms recently undertaken in Kenya. By relating to international best practices, Conventions and special interest groups in elect…

Malawians Losing Confidence in Elections, Demand Reforms

The most recent national elections in Malawi (2014) were highly contested, and the results were heavily disputed. Whilst vote counting was in process, then-President Joyce Banda announced that she had nullified the elections and called for new ele…

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