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Election Talk [Tanzania]

This newsletter consists of 5 articles by different authors. The articles examines the electoral environment in Tanzania, citing relevant laws and discussing the Election Management Body, delimitation of boundaries, and the electoral system used in …

Election Update 2005 Mauritius No 1

This report presents an overview of the general elections that were held in Mauritius on July 3, 2005. The election proceedings were analyzed and some of the issues discussed are as follows: Constitutional and Legal Framework, Electoral Commissi…

Elections in Nigeria 2019: General Elections Frequently Asked Questions

This publication discusses several frequently asked questions regarding the 2019 Nigerian elections. On page 5 the following questions is discussed: What constitutes the 2019 general election? When is the election going to be held? How often does …

Lessons from Electoral Management and Processes in West Africa

"This paper is based on case studies from six West African countries. It points out key historical and material forces that helped frame and shape the electoral management and processes of these countries. These are: the state as a site for zero-sum…

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