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EISA Election Observer Mission Report Madagascar presidential elections 3 December 2006

"EISA deployed a regional observer mission to the presidential elections of 3 December 2006 in Madagascar. The deployment of the mission was in line with EISA’s vision of promoting credible elections and democratic governance in Africa. This report…

Political Parties and Political Evolution in Angola

"In general this report tackles the most important research conclusions, namely those related to legislation governing the establishment and operation of political parties, as well as the environment in which they operate. It also identifies the imp…

Namibia Presidential and National Assembly Elections 27 and 28 November 2009

"This report has provided a detailed account of the mission’s observation regarding the critical areas of conduct of the 2009 Namibian presidential and National Assembly elections. The overall conclusion of the EISA election observation mission was …

Party Footprints in Africa: Measuring Local Party Presence across the Continent

The conventional view holds that most of Africa’s political parties are organizationally weak, with little grassroots presence. Yet few studies are based on systematically collected data about more than a handful of parties or countries at any given…

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