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Examining the Relevance of Political Parties in Malawi

"This briefing paper examines the relevance of political parties in Malawi’s democracy. Beyond the functionalist assumption that existence suggests some positive contribution of an organ to the whole, this paper looks at social operational pre-req...

A Country Turning Blue?: Political Party Support and the End of Regionalism in Malawi

"This bulletin draws on data collected in four Afrobarometer surveys of public attitudes to examine trends in party support in Malawi over the course of the last decade, looking especially at the extent of regionalism in Malawian party politics. H...

Two Decades of Conflict and Democracy in Sierra Leone A Personal Experience

"Poor governance, mismanagement, endemic corruption, exclusion and marginalisation, especially of the youth, were causal factors that led Foday Sankoh, an ex-corporal of the national army, to take up arms against the feeble government of Presiden...

Buharimeter 2019 Survey Report

The 2019 Buharimeter National Survey elicits the views of Nigerians on three key areas. These are: reflections on the recently concluded General Elections; policy priorities of Government; and strategies to address lingering challenges facing the...

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