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Poverty Among the Elderly and Children in Mainland Tanzania

"This brief analyses the economic situation of elderly persons and children in Tanzania. Significantly, the analysis found that households with elderly and children only are by far the poorest, in both urban and rural areas; 45% of these households …

Protection of Rights of Older Persons in South Sudan: Towards Enactment of Legislative Framework

The proportion of older persons in the world is increasing due to the gradual decline in death rates and rise in life expectancy, catching many governments totally unprepared. In South Sudan, the number of older persons was projected to increase by …

Welfare Effects of a Non-contributory Old Age Pension: Experimental Evidence for Ekiti State, Nigeria

Many countries in the developing world have implemented non-contributory old-age pensions. Evidence of the impact of such policies on the elderly in Sub-Saharan Africa is scarce, however. In this paper, we provide the first evidence from a randomize…

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