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Educational Background, Training and their Influence on Female Operated Informal Sector Enterprises

"Women form the majority of people who have non-formal or low-formal education and have limited access to formal sector employment. Sustaining informal sector enterprises often requires organisational skills in which women have little or no trainin…

Contribution of Early-Age Circumstances to Inequalities in Educational Achievement: A Within and Across Age Cohorts Comparative Study for Ethiopia

The academic evaluation system that focuses on rewarding students with high achievements and penalizing the low achievers by only looking at their test scores is misleading and unjust. First, inequality due to predetermined child circumstances sho…

"Working while Studying" and Educational Mismatching among Youth: Evidence from Zambia

This paper analyzed the effect of working while studying in college and university on educational mismatching in the Zambian labor market. The study used the 2014 School to Work Transition Survey data and estimated a range of extended ordered probit…

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