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Resource Mobalisation and Fundraising in Basic Schools: A Case Study of Copperbelt and North-Western Province

"Like many other countries, Zambia removed a major barrier to access to primary education when it abolished user fees for Grades 1–7 in 2002. The resulting fall in basic schools’ income, however, has not been relieved by adequate government resource…

Policy debate on 5 Socio-Economic Issues in Kenya: Elections 2017

One of the key drivers of economic growth is a strong education and effective provision of inclusive education is key in developing a just, secure and inclusive society. Governments should recognize factors that breed exclusion in access to educatio…

Bilan de la Politique Ivoirienne en Éducation: Insuffisante / Assessment of the Ivorian Education Policy: Insufficient

An education system is only effective when it develops human resources capable of initiating social and economic development in a country. To achieve this, decision-makers must therefore use constant and ambitious policies to qualitatively improve t…

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