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Evaluation of the Impact of School Canteen Programs on Internal efficiency of Schools, Cognitive Acquisitions and learning capacities of Students in rural primary Schools in Senegal

This study evaluates the impact of school canteen programs on the performance of rural primary schools in Senegal using a “randomized experiment”. 120 schools which had never had school canteens were selected in the four poorest regions of Senegal…

Les Togolais ne Sont pas Satisfaits de la Performance du Gouvernement en Éducation / Togolese are not Satisfied with the Government's Performance in Education

Togo has made considerable progress in the field of education and the promotion of youth. At the early childhood level, the pre-school enrolment rate for 4-5 year-olds increased from 15.8% to 37.2% from 2013 to 2017. The net enrolment rate also in…

African Union Agenda 2063 African Critical Technical Skills Key Capacity Dimensions Needed for the First Ten Years of Agenda 2063

The single biggest challenge to ownership of Africa’s development agenda and management of its key development programs is grounded in the issue of critical technical skill (CTS) in Africa. To achieve the vision of Agenda 2063, as well as Africa’s…

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