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Land Reform and Biodiversity Conservation in South Africa: Complementary or in Conflict

"A major challenge for government is to reconcile land reform and biodiversity conservation policies in contested geographical areas.This paper aims to improve understanding of the conflicts that have arisen between land reform and conservation, an…

Community-based Natural Resources Management: Experiences and Lessons Linking communities to Sustainable Resource Use in Different Social, Economic and Ecological Conditions in South Africa

"This document presents a summary of the lessons that the project feels it has learned so far. These lessons focus on how community-based nature conservation and ecotourism can help enhance the livelihoods of rural people in South Africa. They o…

Conservation and Ecotourism on Privatised Land in the Mara Kenya: The Case of Conservancy Land Leases

"This paper investigates private sector investment in conservation and ecotourism through conservancy land leases in the Mara region of Kenya. In a recent and growing tourism development, groups of Maasai landowners are leasing their parcels of lan…

Valorization of Indigenous Knowledge as a Contribution to Ecotourism

Valorization of indigenous knowledge and practice for the sustainable development of communities through ecotourism, is a complex process. This project looks at the strategies to address the problem of integration of indigenous knowledge in activiti…

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