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Kenya's Natural Capital - County Decision Makers

"Kenya is endowed with rich natural capital and biodiversity. Its diverse landscapes range from the Chalbi Desert in the north to the snow-clad peaks of Mt. Kenya, from the white beaches of the Indian Ocean to the shores of Lake Victoria, and from …

Managing Climate Extremes and Disasters for Ecosystems: Lessons from the IPCC SREX report

"Good ecosystems management is critical for managing climate extremes and disasters. It plays three positive roles: delivery of ecosystem-based adaptation; delivery of co-benefits for livelihoods and biodiversity conservation; and support for cl…

Policies, Regulations and Institutional Framework for Improved Sanitation in Kigali: Rwanda

"Rwanda, like most developing countries, is facing many challenges in sanitation sector. One of the main factors why the country cannot cope effectively with sanitation problems is the lack of an improved “Policy, Regulations and Institutional Fra…

Key African Priorities for a Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

Despite 2020, the ‘Super Year for Nature’, being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it still provides a unique opportunity for Africa to embrace a new ‘post-2020’ vision. Africa is already severely negatively impacted by ecosystem degradation – wit…

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