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Developments in Southern Africa

This document focuses on developments in southern Africa, where the change in its domestic policies has been followed by a change in the quality of its international relations. The new approach by the South African Government has had a positive im...

Rhodesia, settlement and Southern Africa

The issues discussed in this paper are the independence struggle of Rhodesia, the impact it has on South Africa and how this will influence the white minority in Rhodesia. This is not however the only problem to be addressed but also the U S fore...


"I drew attention in June to the compulsion or temptation - I am not sure which it was - which led Zambian ministers to be the first to proclaim the failure of existing sanctions against Rhodesia, possibly in order to be able simultaneously to de...

Buharimeter Mid Term Report May 29, 2015 to May 28, 2017

This report provides a systematic assessment of the performance of PMB and APC using 222 campaign promises made during the 2015 general elections as the benchmark. According to the findings of our assessment, the performance of the incumbent admin...

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