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Zimbabwe before and after the elections: A concerned assessment

An economic turnaround in Zimbabwe hinges on the re-establishment of the rule of law and, more immediately the staging of free and fair presidential elections by March 2002. The opportunity to facilitate this, and the role of the SADC and SA is key …

Toward Stability and Growth: A Review of Pillar I & II of Zambia’s Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme 2017-2019

The aim of this paper is to review the ESGP, particularly, its performance in 2018. The paper sets out to understand how well Zambia faired in implementing the ESGP as well as to highlight the broader fiscal trends recently. It ultimately seeks to m…

The ZIPAR Quarterly: Issue 10

This Issue covers articles based on our Analysis of the 2020 National Budget Speech and other research outputs published and disseminated recently. It also brings to you some news on other happenings in the organization in the last few months. Our c…

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