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Structural Adjustment, Poverty and Economic Growth: An Analysis For Kenya

"This paper analyses the impact of structural adjustment programmes on poverty and economic growth in Kenya. The results indicate that there was a decrease in poverty between 1992 and 1994 as shown by all poverty measures, while results from other …

The Reed that Lies Low in a Flooded River: The Case of Swazi Resistance to South African Reform Diplomacy

This policy brief traces how post apartheid South Africa has sought to engage Swaziland. South Africa has used its economic clout to influence political developments in Swaziland since 1994. However Swaziland has been reluctant to accept reform init…

Conflict Trends Issue 1 2015

‘Egypt in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring: What Lies Ahead?’ highlights some of the main security, economic and foreign policy challenges facing the Al-Sisi government. ‘The Democratic Transition in Tunisia: A Success Story in the Making’, portray…

The Macroeconomic Policy Environment and Public Enterprise Reform in Ethiopia

"Macroeconomic stabilization and structural adjustment measures have been taken since October 1992 involving an exchange route adjustment and new fiscal and monetary policies as major components. The new investment, labor and public enterprise laws …

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