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Subsidies as an Instrument of Industrial Policy: Are they WTO Compliant?

"The economic recession revealed a global trend towards trade protectionism, replicating the fortification of domestic labour and commercial interests that occurred during previous periods of recession. Although countries employ a wide range of tr…

Public Trust, Capacity and COVID-19: Early Lessons from Africa

Some African states should be lauded for their response to the pandemic; for moving quickly, for using best practices learned from past health crises, and for deploying scientifically-based solutions—all while Western leaders dithered. Ahmed Ogwell …

The Impact of Coronavirus on the Global Economy

COVID-19 brought the global economy to a sudden stop, causing shocks to supply and demand. Starting in January 2020, country after country suffered outbreaks of the new coronavirus, with each facing epidemiological shocks that led to economic and fi…

Quest for Growth and Resilience in the Face of Mounting Economic Headwinds: Analysis

The Minister of Finance unveiled a K119.6 billion 2021 Budget on Friday, 25th September, 2020. The Budget was themed; “Stimulate Economic Recovery and Build Resilience to Safeguard Livelihoods and Protect the Vulnerable.” It is worth noting that the…

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