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The African Union Panel of the Wise: Strengthening Relations with Similar Regional Mechanisms

"This report captures the essence of presentations and discussions, as well as recommendations that emerged from the inaugural High Level Retreat of the AU PW. The first part assesses the state of peace and security in Africa, while part two pro…

Resolutions of the Third Conference of Non-Aligned States

“The Third Summit Conference of Non-Aligned States was held in Lusaka, Namibia. A series of resolutions (some in the form of declarations or statements) was issued after the Conference, and the texts of most of these resolutions are reproduced in fu…

Diagnostic Stratégique de l’émergence économique du Maroc / Strategic Diagnosis of Morocco's Economic Emergence

This document is based on the approach adopted in the book "The economic emergence of nations: definition and measurement ” by Moubarack Lo (2017) and which is summarized below. The first part outlines a definition of the concept of upsurge and eme…

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