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The Causal Effect of Health on Social and Economic Prosperity: Methods and Findings

"Socio-economic status (SES) and health go hand in hand: better off people tend to be in better health across the globe, within populations and over the life course. A critical review of both experimental and nonexperimental evidence indicates that,…

Accelerating Human Capital Development to Optimise Zambia’s Chances of Harnessing the Demographic Dividend

The policy and programme options are highlighted in this policy brief that Zambia can adopt in order to accelerate human capital development to optimize its chances of harnessing the demographic dividend. In order to enhance the chances of earning …

Economic Reforms and Policies to Boost Job Creation and Optimise Malawi’s Opportunity to Harness the Demographic Dividend and Accelerate Socio-economic Development

Malawi can by optimizing its economic opportunities and unleashing the power of its youthful population into an asset for development through the demographic dividend (DD), potentially accelerate its socio-economic economic transformation agenda out…

Assessing Capacities for Local Economic Development in Uganda

The study sought to address four objectives: (i) analyzing the perspectives of actors at the district and Central Government level on the concept of local economic development; (ii) identifying LED initiatives implemented by districts; (iii) assessi…

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