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The ZIPAR Quarterly Issue 2

In ‘Eurobonds: Weighing Risks against gains’ there has been recent media speculation about the government issuing another Eurobond – the third in two years. This has resulted in apprehensions in some quarters of the economy regarding the risks assoc…

Anthology of Peace and Security Studies Volume 4

"The first paper in this anthology is “The practice on inter-ethnic conflict transformation in Ethiopia: The case of Amhara-Afar conflict in Kewot and Semurobi- GelaAloworeda”. The paper focuses on the Amhara-Afar conflict in Kewot and Semurobi-gela…

Has Ghana Taken Liberal Economic Policies too Far — and at What Cost?

Upon the advice of Western financiers who have provided assistance to Ghana for decades, the country has been implementing liberal economic policies that largely emphasise free markets, free trade, private enterprise and limited government. But ar…

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