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Agricultural Credit under Economic Liberalization and Islamization in Sudan

"This study uses survey data to examine the operations of the agrarian credit market, formal and informal, in Sudan under conditions of recent economic liberalization and Islamization; the latter does not allow interest rate fixing. In addition to …

Economic Liberalization and Privatisation of Agricultural Marketing and Input Supply in Tanzania : A Case Study of Cashewnuts

"The study examines this process in the context of SAP and the need to ensure a more economically viable private sector driven agricultural marketing system. Private firms and traders are increasingly marketing agricultural inputs and outputs, hithe…

Economic Liberalization, Monetary Policy and Money Demand in Rwanda: 1980–2005

"The objective of this study was to estimate a long and short run money demand function in the Rwandan economy. Using the Johansen approach, this paper established that there was a stable long-run equilibrium relationship between the demand for re…

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