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ODA and Private Sector Development in Kenya

"Since 1996 Kenya has attracted private investments into the country’s economic infrastructure sectors including telecommunications, energy, transport, water and sewerage. The investments have an important role in securing private sector participati…

Debt Sustainability Analysis: National Consultation - Uganda

"Unsustainable debt has contributed to the social problems facing the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs) and non-HIPC countries alike. Not only has it slowed economic growth, it has also restricted the “fiscal space” available for investment in …

The Pursuit of Industrialization in the EAC region: The Role of Trade Facilitating Infrastructure in Promoting exports of Manufactured goods

Infrastructure services are recognised as fundamental elements of productivity and economic growth of any country. This brief examines the impact of economic infrastructure on the export of manufactured products in the East African Community (EAC) r…

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