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Ghana’s Middle-Income Status Has Several Gaps That Need To Be Filled

"After rebasing in 2010, Ghana's per capita GDP rose to Middle-Income Country (MIC) level as defined by the World Bank. The per capita income measure is, however, seen to be too narrow as it does not even include key economic indicators let alone im…

Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania. Report of Tanzania National Workshop

"The purpose of the paper is to assess the relevance and limitation of economic measures and indicators in gauging poverty alleviation. Regarding CPIs, which make use of prices and quantities of selected commodities, the paper stresses that their re…

Nigeria Economic Update Weekly Digest Issue 50

The first article is titled: Rise in Human Development Index. The recent report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) shows that Nigeria’s Human Development Index (HDI) rose marginally from 0.532 in 2017 to 0.534 in 2018. The HDI is a…

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