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The Zimbabwe Economy: How has it survived and how will it recover?

Zimbabwe is facing its most testing time ever with the combined problems of a breakdown of law and order, an economy in crisis, international isolation and a famine caused by land resettlements and drought. The deterioration of the economic situatio…

Regional integration in Southern Africa: Mozambique and Zimbabwe

"This is the third and final paper in a series which examines the question of regional integration, looking specifically at selected Southern African states, in this case Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In doing so, it highlights both the difficulties of a…

A special study on: The SADC Economies - waiting for South Africa

This paper is presenting an overview of the economic position, policies and problems of the SADC countries. Rapid political change in South Africa itself has prompted a section on South Africa’s economic relations with the region. An economic summar…

Interest Rate Pass-through in Malawi: Implications for Effectiveness of Monetary Policy - Report

This study investigated the interest rate pass-through and its implications for monetary policy effectiveness in Malawi. Using the cost-of-funds approach and monthly data from 2009 to 2015, an autoregressive distributed lag model was estimated. Resu…

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