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The economic implications of disinvestment for South Africa

"This study attempts to deal with an aspect of the disinvestment debate about which there has been much discussion and speculation, but, as yet, little research : the economic implications of investment sanctions for South Africa."

Aids in Southern Africa

"The 1990s will be the decade when the full impact of the AIDS epidemic will be felt in Southern Africa. It will hit all sectors of society and all aspects of life. Unfortunately, the governments in the region are generally not responding to the t…

The Economic Effects of Refugee Return and Policy Implications

According to the European Union over a million rejected asylum seekers have been ordered to return to their country of origin from Europe alone, or will be soon. To these could be added refugees that have been given temporary shelter but who could…

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Domestic Resources Mobilisation in Africa: A Call for Action

COVID-19 is one of the greatest challenges that African authorities have ever faced in a generation. Given its impact on the entire world population and the economy, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a global pandemic and has becom…

The Economic Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Sudan

The COVID-19 outbreak presents three lessons for South Sudan, with 156 confirmed cases to-date. First, the government’s policy to clamp down on social gatherings is not as effective as assumed. Granted the streets are indeed empty now compared to th…

COVID-19: How are South African Companies Responding to the Crisis?

The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a new and very complex situation around the world. CDE wanted to find out how some of our biggest companies in different industries and sectors, facing diverse challenges and opportunities, are dealing with the si…

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