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Understanding the African Lions - Growth Traps and Opportunities in Six Dominant African Economies Understanding Ghana's Growth Success Story and Job Creation Challenges

Ghana has a status as one of the Lions of the African continent. This which is linked to the country’s remarkable growth performance, which culminated in the attainment of lower middle-income status. However, employment response to growth has been …

Explaining African Economic Growth Performance: A Case Study of Malawi

"The background discussed in the paper is important for the reader to fully appreciate the difficult undemocratic conditions in which politicians, economic technocrats, other public servants and the rest of society lived for thirty years. And the im…

Explaining African Economic Growth Performance : The Case of Kenya

"The objective of this study is to explain Kenya’s economic growth performance from the 1960s to the 1990s, drawing on growth accounting decompositions and cross-country endogenous growth literature. The analysis provides guidance on what factors ar…

Explaining Sudan’s Economic Growth Performance

"The paper is composed of twelve sections. Section 2 gives a quick historical background to the economy of the country, while Section 3 looks at the growth record of the country in terms of the chosen periods as well as in terms of the half-decades …

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