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Managing Debt and Mobilizing Resources: A Delicate balance to Sustain Economic Growth

In 2019, the economic outlook of sub Saharan Africa will strengthen, due largely to a combination of higher commodity prices, a stronger global economy, and supportive domestic policies. The latest projections have the region’s aggregate gross dome…

Will Oil Build or Break the Back of Ghana’s Democracy?

Ghana is about to start producing oil commercially. Amid great excitement, there is also legitimate cause for concern. Given the importance of economic diversification and the need to consolidate democratic institutions to avoid a resource curse, th…

Deepening Engagement in the EU-SADC EPA Roll-out

This Report on Botswana forms part of a major research project whose purpose is to gather detailed information on the SADC – EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) from the start of the negotiations, signing of the Agreement, to the present moment.…

Agenda for Sustainable Economic Transformation Post-COVID-19 in Nigeria

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a debilitating effect on the Nigerian economy. Specifically, the combination of lockdown measures and the global slowdown of economic activities led to the contraction of Nigeria’s GDP by 6.1% in the second quarter of 2…

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