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Russia-South Africa Relations: Collaboration in BRICS and the G-20

"The paper investigates the features of Russia–South Africa relations in light of their membership in BRICS and the G-20. Collaboration with South Africa contributes to the creation of the multipolar world order and strengthens Russia’s position in …

China-Zimbabwe Relations: A Model of China-Africa Relations?

There are two parallel interpretations of the relationship between China and Zimbabwe: on the one hand, it is often viewed as a microcosm of China–Africa relations due to its economic and resource elements; on the other, it is portrayed as an exampl…

Improving Energy Efficiency and Interconnectivity in Africa through Regional Economic Integration

Affordable and efficient energy supply is essential for enhanced welfare and better development outcomes. However, African states suffer from huge deficits in energy generation and distribution, resulting in unreliable power networks, frequent power…

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