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On Ownership, Trust and Decentralisation in Responding to Ebola in Sierra Leone

In this interview with Jamie Hitchen, policy researcher at Africa Research Institute, Sisay reflects on Sierra Leone’s handling of the emergency. At the outset, citizens’ lack of trust in the government and poor coordination of international assista…

Conflict Trends Issue 2 2016

In ‘To Punish or to Reform? Survivor Justice in Africa’ focuses only on survivor justice as a model more suitable to African contexts, where conflicts are mostly internal and there are rarely decisive military victories between political adversaries…

Health Systems as a Neglected Developmental Pillar: The Case of Ebola in West Africa

This paper mainly highlights how health is compromised in Africa. It seeks to question and analyse the predicaments faced by a number of African countries, particularly the western region as a result of the crisis caused by the Ebola epidemic. It po…

Picking up the pieces: Liberia’s peacebuilding efforts post-Ebola

"Liberia is at a critical juncture in terms of its ability to maintain its hard-won peace and ensure that its reconciliation and sustainable development efforts are not derailed. The West African country, with a population of 3.124 million,1 celebra…

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