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The High Costs and Consequences of Rwanda's Shift in Language Policy Reform from French to English

"Language policy in Rwanda has revolved around three languages— Kinyarwanda, the indigenous language of Rwandans, French and English: 90 percent of the population speaks Kinyarwanda; 8 percent speaks French; and, 4 percent speaks English. In the aft…

Survey of the Capacity Needs of Africa's Regional Economic Communities and Strategies for Addressing them

The second Capacity Survey of the Regional Economic Communities in Africa aims to reassess the capacity needs of the eight RECs in African Union (AU) member states in line with their new strategic thrusts and prospective development imperatives. It …

The Promise and Efficacy of the East African Community

This paper outlines the development promise of the EAC. The objective is to showcase–albeit briefly–the EAC’s major achievements and build a case for making these developments well known and appreciated by East African citizens and peoples in order …

Promoting Peace in the Great Lakes Region: What are the Other Options?

The current political tension between Burundi and Rwanda has not only proven to be a threat to economic activities and human lives. It equally has the greater danger of escalating into a sub-regional crisis in the East African Community (EAC) (here…

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