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E-Commerce and the WTO: A Developmental Agenda

The rise of e-commerce presents both challenges and opportunities, leading to calls for multilateral trading rules at the WTO. The route to industrial development is changing and rules at the WTO – the subject of this paper – will have important...

The Impact of E-Wallet Fertilizer Subsidy Scheme and its Implication on Food Security in Nigeria

This study examined the impacts of the e-wallet fertilizer subsidy scheme on quantity of fertilizer use, crop output and yield in Nigeria. The study made use of the Nigeria General Household Survey (GHS)-Panel Datasets of 2010/2011 and 2012/2013 w...

Leveraging Private Flows from Digital Technology to Finance SDGs in Africa: E-Business Revenue Opportunities Amidst IFF Challenges

The sixth session of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development seeks to ' Deliver a Transformed and Prosperous Africa through the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063". The forum seeks to explore, gain insights into, share and agree on collectiv...

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