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Managing Scarcity : Human Adaptation in East African Drylands

"This paper is based primarily on the findings of the Red Sea Area research Programme (RESAP) and it actually highlights some of those findings. It attempts to trace some of the social changes that occurred among the Beja nomadic communities of the…

Impacts Of Inventory Credit, Input Supply Shops, and Fertilizer Microdosing in the Drylands of Niger

"This study investigated the impacts of access to inventory credit, input supply shops, fertilizer microdosing demonstrations, and other factors on farmers’ use of inorganic fertilizer and other inputs in Niger and on crop yields. We found that acce…

Supply of Pigeonpea Genetic Resources in Local Markets of Eastern Kenya

"Smallholder producers in marginal and semiarid areas of eastern Kenya have not benefited greatly from research investments made in improvement of crops grown in such environments (sorghum, millet, and legumes, including pigeonpea) either by the in…

Food for Trade or Food for National Food Security: A Dilemma for Drylands

Addressing the increasing demands for water, energy, and food requires a coherent methodology to ensure that societies have access to them and that conflict over them is avoided. For example, agriculture and food production require water and energy;…

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