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Dryland Husbandry in the Sudan Grassroots Experience and Development

"The Dryland Husbandry Project-Sudan showed a positive impact and changes of attitudes among the pastoralists. DHP Sudan introduced participation. Chapter one deals with project interventions in extension work, trial-based action-oriented research, …

Dryland Husbandry Ethnoveterinary Practices - Sudan

"In this monograph, an attempt is made towards recording and elucidating several aspects of the ethnoveterinary activities of pastoralists, mainly camelmen in North-eastern Sudan. The study was inspired by previous researches in the same area, durin…

National Workshop Report on Dryland Husbandry in Sudan

"The widely prevalent instability of annual rain input in the semi-desert of Northern Kordofan is reflected in low biomass productivity in poor rainy years. Evident indicators in recovery occur in good rainy years. This study assessed the 1994 good …

Dryland Husbandry in Ethiopia Research Report

"This publication contains five papers on DHP Ethiopia (Aba'ala, Afar Regional State) that narrate and discuss traditional crop production, social relations between lowlanders and highlanders, extension activities on the use of water harvesting and …

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