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Chasing an Elusive Agreement: What Smaller Countries (i.e. G77+China) Need to do to Influence Climate Change Negotiations?

"As the world is converging at Warsaw, Poland, for the 19th session of climate change negotiations, questions still exist as to whether these negotiations will ever yield tangible benefits for smaller states and developing economies. Past sessions o…

How can African Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change: Insights from Ethiopia and South Africa

"During the coming decades, global change will impact food and water security in significant but highly uncertain ways. There are strong indications that developing countries will bear the brunt of the consequences, particularly from climate chang…

Water is Life in Masvingo, Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe’s Masvingo Province, erratic, scarce rainfall has led to repeated crop failure and severe food shortages across the districts of Bikita and Chivi. Despite the Save River basin being seated within the region, climate change has extended t…

The Socio-economic Impacts of the 2015/16 EL Niño Induced Drought in Swaziland - Report

This report provides detailed findings of an investigation into the socioeconomic impacts of the 2015/16 El Niño drought in Swaziland. It records the direct and indirect effects of the drought on the economy of Swaziland and documents how it has a…

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