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The Quest for Affordable Food: Prospects in the Doha Round for Net Food-importing Developing Countries

"In the past few years, a sharp rise in the price of food commodities has caused a critical global food crisis, increasing the food bill of consumers in a way that deeply affects the food security of low-income societies, whose members spend more th…

Dreaming out loud:Implications of a Doha end-game for South Africa

"In November 2011, the Doha Round will be in its tenth year. Efforts continue in Geneva to conclude the negotiations but with no sign of agreement anytime soon. The talks have essentially been stuck since the last draft modalities of 2008, and no …

The Way Forward for the WTO: Reforming the Decision-Making Process

" The World Trade Organization is in a state of flux. This stems largely from the Doha Round impasse and the failure of the main protagonists to reach agreement. However, it is also the effect of a changing global political economy. With the rise of…

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