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Being Similar, Different and Coexistent

"Remarkably meaningful sayings that have emerged out of real life in Africa highlight our inherent interrelatedness as fellow human beings. In the life situations where we happen to find ourselves, there are similarities that bind us together, but...

The African Leadership Forum 2014: "Meeting the Challenges of Africa's Transformation"

A new Africa has emerged. An African renaissance is underway, whereby a growing number of determined and self-confident Africans are working to transform their countries’ economies to accelerate the rate of human and economic development. Given th...

Elections and the Management of Diversity in Botswana

"Good governance has come to be the prerequisite for foreign direct investment in developing countries. While the definition of good governance remains disputed, its fundamental elements are generally agreed. These include: free, fair and transpa...

Addressing Diversity and Inclusion Through Transitional Justice

Transitional justice is generally promoted on the basis that it ensures that the diverse sectors of society affected by conflict are included in the process of rebuilding societies after conflict and authoritarian rule. Inclusion, diversity, victi...

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