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The Bridge and the Laager South Africa's relations with Africa, with specific reference to Malawi

South Africa’s foreign policy has since 1948 been subordinated to the considerations of the ideology of apartheid and the entrenchment of the white man in South Africa. Under the different rulers in South Africa different policies where upheld. From…

SAIIA Newsletter No. 3, 1971

This newsletter contains three articles, seven brief reports, news from the branches, and book reviews. Martin Spring’s article discusses Japan’s rise to economic and technological power, and relates Japan to other nations of the world, including So…

Conflict Trends Issue 2 2007

"This issue of Conflict Trends focuses on leadership in Africa, since leadership is one of the many factors that influence conflicts. This is even more significant in Africa and other parts of the developing world, where broad-based governance with…

Dialogue in Africa

Looks back at past developments over ten years against the growing isolation of South Africa in the early sixties. Also reflects on the threats of isolation which continued in various areas of South African foreign relations

"Being and Becoming a Peacebuilder": Insights from 20,000 Hours of Youth-Led Dialogues in the Horn of Africa

“Being and Becoming a Peacebuilder” puts forward key insights and resultant recommendations inspired from an analysis of a conflict transformation methodology, called Sustained Dialogue. The Life & Peace Institute has been implementing Sustained Dia…

Preventing Violence in South Africa: Contributions from an Intersectoral Dialogue

The Violence Prevention Forum is a multi sectoral platform that promotes the use of evidence in violence prevention in South Africa. The forum has strengthened relationships between researchers, government, NGOs and development partners. As a result…

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