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Les Atouts du Maroc dans le Domaine de l'énergie Verte/ Morocco’s Green Energy Opportunity

The energy landscape in Morocco has been changing rapidly over the past decades. Factors like population growth, industrialization and rising living standards which have been accompanied by rising access rates to electricity as well as high rates o…

Développement minier et pétrolier et politiques de dépenses publiques au Niger: une analyse en équilibre général calculable dynamique / Mining and petroleum development and public expenditure policies in Niger

This study analyses public expenditure options based on mining resources and oil, and their impact on economic variables in Niger. The question asked is how the State of Niger can make the most effective use of mining and petroleum resources for so…

Compte Rendu de la Conférence: Développement Socio-Économique du Maroc: Soubassements d'un Nouveau Modèle Inclusif et Disruptif / Conference Proceedings: Socio-Economic Development of Morocco: Foundations for a New Inclusive and Disruptive Model

In order to inaugurate its conference series, titled: "Considering the new Morocco development model : the need for an integrated and participatory approach ", the Amadeus Institute organized the first conference debate on Wednesday, April 10, 201…

Imposer le Paiement des Impôts: Une Bonne Partie des Burkinabè Réticents, Demandent L’équité / Imposing the Payment of Taxes: A Significant Part of Burkinabè are Reluctant to do so, and are Calling for Fairness.

Faced with economic difficulties due to a heavy external debt and the impact of recent security shocks, Burkina Faso must improve the mobilisation of its tax revenues. These are clearly lower than those of other countries in the West African Economi…

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