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When Bottom Up Meets Top Down: The Limits of Local Participation in Local Government Planning in Tanzania

"This report discusses issues that concern planning at district level as perceived by representatives of different districts in Tanzania. In the context of this report planning is taken as a process of choosing or making choices/priorities of interv…

Methodology for the Participatory Formulation of Local Economic Empowerment & Development Strategy (LEEDS) in Local Government Areas in Nigeria

The impact on sustainable development remains weak and unfelt, although planning for development in Nigeria can be traced to the colonial era. This has resulted in poor management of both the natural and human resources in the country and little dev…

Participation of Stakeholders in Development: Issues and CPED's Experience in Nigeria

The first article in this document is titled: Sixty five years of planning in Nigeria without stakeholder participation. This article gives some insight into the path of Nigeria's development planning during the time of colonial rule under Britain …

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