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Infrastructure and Impacts: Strengthening Environmental and Social Safeguards

Growing awareness of the negative environmental and social (E&S) externalities of large infrastructure projects has driven sustainability considerations to the top of infrastructure financing debates in developing countries. While many external fina…

Informing the Approach of Multilateral Development Banks to Use of Country systems: Policy Briefing

A greater use of countries’ public financial management (PFM) and environmental and social frameworks (ESFs) could offer developing countries a larger stake in their development trajectory. Greater use of country systems (UCS) will also assist devel…

Infrastructure Financing in Botswana: Engagement with Multilateral Development Banks and Recommendations for Improving Lending Processes

The paper explores Botswana’s experience with multilateral development banks (MDBs) in financing infrastructure to identify key challenges and alternative financial mechanisms available to Botswana that may hinder greater lending by MDBs. It also pr…

Financing Africa’s Infrastructure Deficit: From Development Banking to Long-Term Investing

This paper studies the appropriate financing structure of infrastructure investment in Africa. It starts with a description of recent initiatives to scale up infrastructure investment in Africa. The paper then uses insights from the literature on …

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