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In Search of Sustainable Democratic Governance for Africa: does democracy work for developing countries?

"The 2007 symposium built upon the fascinating policy debates that participants started during the inaugural symposium. The main purpose was to deepen the debate and to tease out relevant policy interventions. They focused on how best democratic go…

Access to Justice in Africa Comparisons between Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia

"The provision of justice represents a significant challenge to developing countries, not least Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia. Where justice is apparent, and the rule of law upheld, the processes of development and democratisation are supported…

The political economy of trade liberalisation: What lessons for reforms today?

"This paper provides an overview of trade policy reforms in developing countries, especially the acceleration of trade and foreign investment liberalisation since the early 1980s. Its accent is on political economy, drawing on country examples and …

From isolation to integration? : The South African economy in the 1990s

Presents the proceedings of a conference entitled 'South Africa in the Global Economy' which was held from 11-12 July 1996. The conference was held to help locate and understand South Africa's position in the context of the continent's developmenta…

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