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Libertés et Contraintes dans la Règlementation du Marché des Télécommunications en Afrique de l'Ouest exemple du Marché Sénégalais / Freedoms and Constraints in the Regulation of the Telecommunications Market in West Africa - Senegalese Market Example

The United States have for years reserved the management pf their telecommunications sector for a single public company, but it later became a private company. The company operated within the framework of a regulation that defined its rights and o…

The Changing Nature of Large-Scale Commercial Farming and Implications for Agrarian Reform: Evidence from Limpopo, Western Cape and Northern Cape

"The privileged position of white commercial farmers in South Africa came to an end by the early 1990s, when political and policy changes removed the certainty provided by controlled marketing, protective tariffs and weak legislation regulating res…

The Next Great Trek? South African Commercial Farmers Move North

"This paper analyses the shifting role of South African farmers, agribusiness and capital elsewhere in southern Africa and the rest of the continent. It explores recent expansion trends, investigates the interests and agendas shaping such deals, and…

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