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Heading North: The Zimbabwean Diaspora in Canada

"Studies of the Zimbabwean diaspora tend to focus on migrants in South Africa and the United Kingdom. This is the first major study of Zimbabwean migration to Canada. The report presents and discusses the findings of a SAMP survey conducted across …

Perspectives on negotiations: Two views on the process

This document contains two articles: The first article, by Dr. Oscar Dumisani Dhlomo, discusses the current South African situation, particularly Natal. The Pretoria Minute (6 August 1990) between the South African Government and the African Nation…

The Angolan Conflict Internal and International aspects

This article describes internal and international aspects of the conflict in Angola. It starts with an overview of the country and its people, and Portugal’s role in its history, then looks at the various nationalist movements – the MPLA, UPA, and F…

Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Progress and Prospects

As the world’s youngest region, improving employment opportunities, especially for youth, is important in sub-Saharan Africa for several reasons, including the fact that most people work their way out of poverty. This paper reviews the state of empl…

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