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Realizing the Demographic Dividend: Is Africa any Different?

"The goal of this paper is to test whether the determinants of growth in general, and the effects of demography in particular, are different in Africa than for the rest of the world. The author shows that most Sub-Saharan countries have the potenti…

L'Agriculture Face aux Defis de la Transition Demo Economique / Agriculture Meet the Challenges of Economic Transition Demo

"The Senegalese economy is characterized by: (i)a decline in the primary sector based on agriculture weakened by the deterioration of the natural, economic and institutional environment, (ii) an embryonic industrial base, and (iii) a bloated service…

Synthesis Report on the Demographic Dividend in Africa

The African context in relation to the demographic transition is analyzed in this document as well as the subsequent challenges and opportunities for harnessing the demographic dividend based on a review of various initiatives and country-specific s…

Africa's Job Challenge

"It is evident that Africa has much potential to achieve the long-term growth that is necessary for reducing inequality and alleviating poverty across the region. In order to do this, there are key pitfalls that need to be addressed, most importantl…

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